Showcase was one of the first galleries to be established in the UAE in the 1990’s and over the years has established a venerable reputation with art collectors and designers alike. Showcase also offers an in-house framing service that specialises in bespoke framing solutions from design to production, as well as a turn-key service from art selection through to installation. With over 300 frame mouldings to choose from, our team of creative frame designers will assist and talk you through your framing needs. 

Collecting is an inherent part of our nature and can be traced right back to primitive man’s collection of pebbles. At Showcase you will find a diverse selection of old and new; antique Middle Eastern furniture and jewellery to contemporary art by both established and emerging artists from Europe, the USA and the Middle East. The gallery’s antique collection reflects not only the gallery’s tie to the region but also our respect and admiration for traditional skills and craftsmanship. Despite these notions being quite different to the more boundary pushing and experimental nature of our contemporary art, the importance of a strong correlation between aesthetic and concept remains consistent throughout.

As with our customers, the gallery nurture’s strong relationships with it’s artists and encourages them to take part in community projects and events as well as exhibiting their work. This creates a personal and constructive bond to the region bringing further international awareness to Dubai’s art community.