Antique Tribal Jewellery

Original Omani silver jewellery is made from melted down Marie Theresa dollars, also known as Thalers (the Omani silversmiths only source of silver, and the main currency in Oman until as late as the 1970s). Minted in 1780 in Austria, Thalers were brought to the gulf by European explorers and merchants. With 70% silver content, this silver has a soft buttery feel with no sharp edges. Many pieces of Omani silver have the hands of Fatima as decoration - she was the Prophet Mohammed’s daughter and a representation of her hand is a good luck symbol. A woman’s jewellery was not handed down to her daughters when she died as in Western culture, but was melted down and made into new pieces. For this reason really ancient jewellery is rare. 

All our jewellery is authentic, guaranteed and certified and the collection includes various Mazrad and Hirtz necklaces, earring, rings and bracelets which usually present in pairs.