Areej Rajab


Bahraini born and raised, Areej Rajab recalls watching with wonder as her aunt, the traditional Islamic water-colourist Sameeha Rajab, worked away at the canvas. At three, with her aunt as both inspiration and tutor, Rajab began to learn about colour, materials, techniques and application. She began a love affair with colour that, as an adult, shows no signs of waning.

Rajab studied Business and General Management at the University of Bahrain, and had three children before she made the decision to pursue her lifelong passion. That passion took her, family in tow, to the London College of Art where her true talent revealed itself fully, perhaps for the first time.

Today, Rajab’s work touches the hearts of collectors and enthusiast from all four corners of the globe. She has exhibited extensively throughout the Middle East including at Bahrain’s Ministry of Culture and the Gulf Hotel, Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia as well as across the UK. She works as an art teacher, tutoring a wide range of pupils, from absolute beginners through to the professionally trained, from the young to the old.

'Limitless' - a series of impressionist paintings

This exhibition represents Rajab’s newest works and explores the subtle character of color as well as the fleeting nature of light. This collection challenges our preconceptions of color itself and the exhibition offers both an advancement and refinement of her work to date.