Ahmed Al Faresi


Ahmed Al Faresi is a self- taught Emirati artist who works through the medium of mixed media.  He has been quietly creating and embodying a wealth of ideas in his home in Al Ain for the past few years, and has emerged only recently, displaying a formidable body of work.

Ahmed Al Faresi is currently an assistant professor at the Faculty of Information Technology (FIT) in United Arab Emirates University, a discipline which is not lost in his work.

Academic by nature, Ahmed’s works refer to a wide number of disciplines including science, technology, history, mythology and philosophy. The physiography of his work hints at his Emirati background but the over arching theme within his oeuvre is that of universality within the greater ancient cultural foundations of the earth; our sphere of being.

To see Ahmed’s work is to gain knowledge from, and to engage with.  His work has the presence of a relic from the past, largely due to the emphasis of importance he places on antiquity, a cornerstone and launching point for contemporaneity’s social and cultural understanding and even assertion.