Alison Coulthurst


Born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, Alison studied fine arts and graphic design in South Africa before moving to England in the 1980's where she worked as senior graphic art director for a top-tier advertising agency. She moved to Australia in the 90's and now lives in the Byron Bay hinterland.

Her works explore many techniques with acrylics, oils and mixed media on canvas. Applications by hand, brush and other tools result in the rich layers displayed in her art. Alison has produced a prolific amount of paintings and sculptures over the past 10 years which have been acquired by private and institutional collectors.

The paintings of mixed media artist Alison Coulthurst remain highly sought after by art collectors throughout the globe. Built upon her huge success in Sydney, Alison's work has been exhibited in Italy, France, England, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, and throughout Australia.