Amartey Golding


My early work, through large, stylised figurative portraits, focused on thoughts and contemplations of the individual. I would say my signature style is figurative subject, usually the head or head and torso, done in charcoal on paper or canvas. I use charcoal in a clean way without smudging or rubbing, instead my work is predominantly made up of angular crosshatching.

 As my work evolves I am now focusing more on exploring my own philosophies and ideas through the use of large drawings and mixed media photomontage. I usually use symbolic animals and sometimes images to convey an idea or story. Some of the animals used I have given a specific symbolism to myself, and others I use for their ancient symbolism.

 Positivity is a common thread throughout my work.  No matter what the first impression of my work might be, there is always a positive meaning behind the image. I am particularly interested in showing that positive events or scenarios need not always be depicted as clichéd happy images, and that the message of positivity may not always be immediate to the viewer.


“The mixed-media charcoal and photographic works explore how being of mixed heritage can liberate a person from social pigeonholing and cultural stereotypes. We find his charcoal faces arresting” Time Out Dubai 2011, Vol. 11, Issue 16

 “Every piece is integrated with his own life philosophy and the two and a half metre tall charcoal portraits and large paintings trigger various emotions” Inside Out 2010, Issue 76

 “He uses traditional techniques to pay respect to artists before him while still retaining a contemporary, original and somewhat ‘Golding signature’ Vibe” Inside Out, 2010, Issue 76

 “The collection echoes great humanitarian understanding, illustrates in-depth observation, implies powerful reflection” Inside Out, 2009, Issue 65

 A bold and daring exploration of cultural identity and social conditioning”, Emirates home 2011, Vol. 8

 “One of the industry’s top new artists”, Time Out Dubai 2010 Vol. 10, Issue 17

 Amartey Golding, at 22, has developed a style that belies his age. He straddles different genres and mediums with an ease that renders versatility to his works” The Arts Weekend Review may 2010