Bader Mahasneh


Bader Mahasneh is a polymath working in paint, photography and sculpture. This interdisciplinary approach has made Mahasneh one of Jordan’s brightest young talents. A student of Heidegger, Mahasneh explores the ‘problematic existence of the human beings’ – his work speaks of the ‘void’, of man and machine, and of the connection between destruction and creation, or the ‘building of form’.

In his recent work Bader Mahasneh has translated the complex three dimensional densities of painting into sculpture. The artist always believed that sculptural expression could create a stronger presence than painting; in painting the artist creates an illusion. In sculpture, the object exists.

The material Mahasneh uses is ancient. The sculpture work is the result of many years of research into the rich and largely unknown geology of Jordan; with the art sculpted into form using crystal edged blades from Italy, combined with a technical brilliance of a master. 

Mahasneh’s ‘Chaos’ sculptures are carved out of the Chaos from which the Earth and Heavens were first formed. They remain peaceful, beautiful and poetic. 

Mahasneh was born in Jerash, Jordan in 1977. He graduated with a bachelor's degree in law from Yarmuk University in 2001, having spent much of the time at university ‘reading about art and philosophy’. After graduation Mahasneh attended print making workshops at the national gallery in Amman.