Brennan Seward


Brennan Seward is a Zimbabwean born artist specializing in illustrating African life through his drawings and paintings. Seward began his career painting wildlife. He believes that the wilderness is inherently more civil than any man-made civility. Seward has a wealth of knowledge about the African continent and the wildlife of its different regions which is evident in some of his work.

To understand Brennan's watercolours and what they mean, one needs to understand his other work. His cultural illustrations and paintings are highly detailed and consume massive amounts of time and energy. The landscapes/brainscapes, on the other hand, are more expressive, free and a therapeutic form of painting. These are what Brennan creates to express his inner most thoughts and emotions with colour and movement. These paintings were an escape from everything else. They were in fact created at the Sichuan institute for Fine Art in China, to escape the claustrophobia of the Chongqing. His weekends were spent painting outside the city, breaking down the landscape, removing obstacles such as architecture, people or animals and focusing on composition and colour.