Cecilia Fattorini


Cecilia is an international artist who is now based in Oman. She was born in Iran to diplomat parents and has lived in various countries in the Middle East and Africa. This body of work is a product of her reflections on Pakistan and Oman. It is primarily concerned with our impact on the world, experience in it and the understanding we derive, both personally and collectively during our passage.

Cecilia sources her subject matter from the rhythms and processes of nature and the spatial illusions created by the movement of light as it fragments or mutates the appearance and significance of form.  She enjoys the dialogue between apparently unrelated materials and for this body of abstract works is using silver gold leaf on parchment, both of which have lives of their own. The intention of all her pieces is to penetrate through any material or conceptual interpretation, to look within and beyond what we actually see, and search for an alternative dimension which eclipses culture, loss, violence and fear.  In aiming to make the invisible visible, it is a search for the rhythm which drives nature, transcends the individual and helps us to accept and run with what we have, making peace with ourselves and our diminutive personal contribution during our stay.