Daryl Nero


Originally from South Africa, Daryl Nero graduated from the University of Natal with Honours in Fine Art. He continued on to the United Kingdom and attended Croydon College of Art, studying Theatre Design at Sadlers Wells and then working for the Northcott Theatre in Exeter. He returned to Pietermaritzburg in 1974 to lecture at the University of Natal Fine Arts Department.

After two years he left academia to concentrate on painting. During this period he travelled to Botswana and Zimbabwe, falling in love with Zimbabwe's rural beauty and inspiration.

Returning to South Africa he spent four years at the University of Durban - Westville, but the political tensions at the time made him move to Zimbabwe in 1981. He lived happily on a farm in Raffingora until 2002; when he moved into Harare where he now lives and works.

Daryl has travelled extensively throughout Southern and Eastern Africa, in particular Mozambique and Zanzibar. His focus is not entirely African as he has also travelled to Italy where he was inspired by Italian architecture.

His work is found in many public and private collections.