Devrim Erbil


Devrim Erbil (b. 1937)  is a world renowned artist best known for his vibrant vistas. Hailing from Turkey he attended the prestigious State Academy of Fine Arts in Istanbul. He exhibited in the Venice Biennale soon after finishing his studies and has exhibited in shows all over the world. 

Devrim is best known for his cityscapes which present a painstaking dedication to minute detail. This meticulous rendering is countered by the light vibrancy of his use of colour which block covers his scene. Devrim presents himself through his art as a proficient draughtsman as well as an emotive artist, which can account, at least in part, for his great following. 

His career has oscillated between his aesthetic art practice as well as his academic pursuits. Since his early years Devrim has partaken in collective artist groups which have endevoured to further the artist discourse. Two such groups include 'Abstract 7' and 'Blue Group'. He has lectured throughout his career and further contributed to the practice of art making through this role.