Elise Vazelakis


Elise is an American artist based in LA. Her work engages a larger vision, challenging people to focus on those whose concerns are not understood by mainstream society. She has had solo and group exhibitions in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Dubai. In 2008, Elise created a mural for the City of Malibu at the Michael Landon Center paving the way for the two outdoor installations commissioned by the Dubai Culture & Arts Authority.

In her Gamcha Project, Elise highlights construction workers and their instrumental role in building the city of Dubai. The artworks are inspired by the laborers’ colorful head wear, also known as Gamcha.

Gamchas were collected by Elise over a period of 8 months, and woven together into textiles incorporating fabric, photographs of the workers, and found objects from construction sites.

 “My hope is that the viewer will be enriched, informed, and moved by these hard working men and recognize them as the "fabric" of the Dubai landscape.”