Hendrik Stroebel


 Hendrik Stroebel is an artist with plenty of intrigue. Sixteen years of work away from the public art forum resulted in a body of work predominately though the mediums of embroidery and ceramics. His first public exhibition was a roaring success. Thematically Hendrik is devoted to a love of the Arabic culture. He presents the unifying origins of Western culture as being synonymous to those of Arabic culture, to which he is a devoted ally. His subject covers ancient ruins to contemporary political figures within the overarching theme of Arabic culture. His work is instilled with a deep knowledge of what he depicts, form ancient motifs to the social and political contexts of his figurative forms.

Hendrik’s technique is self-taught, indicating a natural affinity with the craft.  His incredible craftmanship and impressive degree of skill has garnered for him a devoted art following.

The content of the work explores the pattern and texture of the Arab and Islamic world; he portrays the architecture, ancient history and people that so fascinated him on his travels throughout North Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia. It took Stroebel 16 years to complete a body of work that becomes almost subversive as it redefines our notions of beauty.