Witness Bonjisi

Born: 1975

Education: Completed primary school in Domboshoava, Chinamhora before moving to Mabvuku, on the outskirts of Harare to complete his secondary education.


Inspired by his brother the late Lameck Bonjisi, Witness started sculpting in 1992.  With the guidance of Nicholas Mukomberanwa, Witness learnt the art form of his ancestors to which he added his unique style and creativity. Using his imagination and the natural shape of the stone as his guide, Witness creates sculptures filled with beauty and power. Witness’s style of sculpture takes on a contemporary form unlike that of the earlier Shona artists which is far more primitive in nature.

His work has been shown and collected around the globe including the US, Germany, Netherlands and now Asia mainly China. Witness together with Ibwe Gallery attended the World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland as the main exhibitor where he had a sell out exhibition.


United Nations Art collections, Geneva

Kofi Annan Private Collection

The Royal Family of Oman

The National Gallery of Zimbabwe

Witness Bonjisi, 'Judge', W16xH97 KG30