Zahidah Zeytoun Millie 


Zahidah is a masters graduate in Visual Arts from Monash University in Australia.  A thematic artist, her work focuses on humanity and nature, influenced by mythology, poetry, science and philosophy.  Her work often highlights forgotten issues. Her 2008 ' Al Safa to Starchitecture' project highlighted the cause to revive regard for traditional UAE coastal and mountain architecture.  Zahidah now turns her energy to celebrating the wonder of the UAE's little-known forests: the coastal mangoes. An exciting challenge, the new project quickly garbbed a life of it's own, moving her along in it's wake. Emotions have been important as the mangroves are a source of power, beauty, energy and simplicity.  Zahidah has worked almost entirely from her kayak in the mangroves, water colours upon different types of paper.   She plays with the forms, lines, colour and textures to create the effects of natural energy, playfulness, softness and depth.