Ehoodi Kichapi


Ehoodi Kichapi is a self taught artist, who has been painting for the last fifteen  years. His artistic life started in 2002, through doing caricatures as an instructor for the Kuruka Maisha art group.  He had his first solo show in 2007 at the Alliance Francaise, in Nairobi, Kenya.

“His work is expressive and graphic: energetic line drawings, circles, marks, scribblings, figures, rudimentary images of animals, portraits, screaming faces and reaching hands create harsh and brutal images.  Wild colourful acrylic paint is applied in thick sweeping strokes, creating abstract sections in his work that are just about colour and movement.” (From 2009 East African Art Biennale, Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania).  

Whilst he credits Francis Bacon, Mark Rothko and Jean-Michel Basquiat as his inspiration, he is fast achieving his own individual practice and a strong, often witty, original voice. Kichapi's painting of the singer Ali Farka Toure has been taken to Italy for exhibition at the Casoria Contemporary Art Museum in Naples.