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Chasing The Light by Mike Arnold | Running until 5th May 2018

Showcase Gallery and Mestaria are pleased to present a new collection of work by Dubai ­based artist Mike Arnold that will coincide with the 2018 edition of Art Dubai. Chasing The Light will feature large-scale canvases and smaller studies of landmark buildings in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, capturing their inner spirit with a focus on reflective light. The Burj Khalifa, the Louvre Abu Dhabi, Emirates Towers, and the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque are among the structures that he has included in this exhibition. Due to a deep understanding of the way these buildings were designed in relation to their natural surroundings, Arnold is able to bring a new perspective to his audience. 


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The Diving Bell & The Butterfly | Running 9th May until 30th June 2018

This Ramadan, Showcase Gallery and Mestaria are pleased to present a group exhibition of original artworks united by systematic techniques. Curated by Anna Seaman, the exhibition will feature artwork from Wissam Shawkat, Sasan Nasernia, Ebtisam Abdulaziz, Afshan Daneshvar, Mariam Abbas, Ahmed Al Faresi, Julia lbbini, Katie Venner-Woodbridge, Jessica Watson-Thorp,  Nathaniel Alapid and Amal Al Gurg. For the occasion of Ramadan, where everyday life becomes more structured around fasting hours and the sun’s natural cycle, the exhibition takes on new relevance. The inherent spirituality in the majority of the works is also especially poignant during the Holy Month. 





Limitless | Areej Rajab

Drinkers of The Wind | Tariq Dajani

Chasing The Light | Mike Arnold

The Diving Bell & The Butterfly




Submersion Series | James Harvey

Capetown Art Fair - Tomorrow's / Today | Helen Teede 

Ukama | Shona Sculptures 

Unhomed | Helen Teede 

Salar Ahmadian | Salar Ahmadian 

The Tribe | Vayshalee Naran




Past Works | Amartey Golding 

Welcome to the Party the Doors are now Open | Elham Moaidnia 

Seasons Collection | Vayshalee Naran 

Scarf Collection | Kate Toledo

Black & White Drawings | Morne Fourie 

We Are But One Thread | Ahmed Al Faresi 

As if Anything Here Belonged to You | Cecilia Fattorini 

Vessels | Simon Back 

Designer Jewellery | Vayshalee Naran 




Freeing The Stone | Shona Sculptures

Portraits of the Middle-Way | Olivia Pendergast 

Beyond the Architecture of Art | Michael R Arnold

The Material Presence of the Past | Helen Teede




The Gamcha Project | Elise Vazelakis

My Universe of Imaginary Creatures | Hadil Moufti


Dubai Skyline | Mawaheb




Reconnect | Hendrik Stroebel

Object to Print | Michelle Harvey, Alia Dawood, Katie Venner-Woodbridge, Lisa Widemann, Wafa Hasher Al Maktoum & Tania Al Kayyali

Moving Forms | Alia Dawood & Mohammed Fassounaki

Forsaken | Christian Ghammachi

Frida Kahlo | Mawaheb




Nothing Beats The Blunderbuss | Amartey Golding

Moments Shared: The Treasured Temporary | Alia Dawood

YOU ARE HERE | Dima Hamati, Eleanor Smith & Michelle Harvey

Taste Binds The Tribe Daryl|  Nero & Isaac SitholE

A Brief History of Insignificant Things | Andrew Verster

Beyond Rhythm | Francesca Galliani 




Houmam Al Sayed | Houmam Al Sayed

Sabhan Adam | Sabhan Adam

Thorns Have Roses | Amartey Golding 

Traces | Simon Back

High Tide | Stephen Geisler

Warriors | Francesca GallianI