Salar Ahmadian,  Untitled Calligraphy , 145.5 x 168 cm

Salar Ahmadian, Untitled Calligraphy, 145.5 x 168 cm


Showcase Summer Show 2017

This exhibition displays works of art by artists from all over the world. Their art practice and contemporary impact varies, culminating in an assortment of media, style, content and form.  In the mix, is a repertoire of both established and contemporary artists with influences varying from Syrian modernism to the Iranian Safavid period to Zimbabwean Shona culture.

The exhibition; broad, varied and loosely curated, offers an opportunity to view art outside the white cube paradigm.

Participating artists:

  • Elham Moaidnia
  • Mohamed Fassounaki
  • Helen Teede
  • Salar Ahmadian
  • Polly & Me
  • Amartey Golding
  • Houmam al Sayed
  • Colleen Madamombe
  • Mike Munyaradzi
  • Fateh al Moudarres