Iskra Shahaj


Born in 1988 in Vlore  (Albania), Iskra Shahaj spent her early life in this colorful city. Interest in drawing and painting started since her childhood, when Mediterranean colors impressed imagination and creativity. She studied at Vlora Fine Arts School and then moved to Ferrara in Italy to study Conservation of Cultural Heritage. She lives between Dubai and Italy. 

The feminine human figure has been always the center of her inspiration because her first impact with drawings, lines, colors and figures were with her mother’s fashion sketches. She started drawing and never stopped since.

Another important theme of her paintings is loneliness, as a moment of meditation and reflection. The pictures are not telling a story, they are some captured moments of introspection. There isn’t a narrative, this is why they don’t have a title.

The woman is the focus of the scenes, but also important for the artist is  to capture the lights and shadows on the folds of her dress. The artist uses violent colors in contrast with the tenderness of the poses.