Interior Design

Sharon Harvey, Director and owner of Showcase Gallery, is an interior designer by profession and is available for consultations in private homes and commercial areas. Her expertise includes advice in choice of furnishings, artworks and general aspects of interior design. Her specialty relating to her business is in the choice and placement of artworks within a living or commercial space. 

Art Consulting

Showcase offers art consultancy services, providing a professional consultancy and full project management for companies and individual requirements in art. 

We offer expert curatorial advice in site- specific commissions.

We offer an in-house framing service.

We specialize in all aspects of installation arrangements, exhibition planning, art acquirement and collection management.

We co-ordinate art handling and transportation.

We offer our services to clients with projects of any size.

All the artists represented by Showcase have a history of past exhibitions and are dedicated to their profession of building collections both in the U.A.E. and abroad.