Simukai Collective

Zimbabwe has a thriving sculpture scene which is thousands of years old and has been known to the West for approximately 80 years. Newly established, Simukai Residency provides a platform where sculptors experiment with new tools and techniques and, for the first time in Africa, their artists are carving ethically mined semi-precious stones such as jasper, rose quartz, unakite quartz and petrified wood. The brittleness and hardness of these stunningly-beautiful stones make them extremely difficult to work with using traditional techniques. Simukai currently works with 12 artists, including 3 women sculptors who are provided with raw materials, specialized tools and safety equipment. New and established sculptors are rotated from across Zimbabwe to spend several weeks at the workshop, where they have opportunities for mentorship and exchanging ideas.

We have selected sculptures carved from an extraordinary jasper deposit with vibrant reds and dramatic striations of white, orange and black by 4 different artists.

Red Jasper is an ancient and sacred stone that has held meaning throughout dozens of cultures since the beginning of human existence. It carries a strong spiritual grounding vibration, but first and foremost Jasper is a protective stone creating a strong connection to the earth.While jasper is technically a form of quartz, red jasper’s metaphysical properties are quite different from those of its parent stone. It possesses a powerful, fiery energy all of its own.