Tariq Dajani


Born in the UK, Tariq Dajani spent his formative years between the Middle East and Europe. Afforded rare insight into disparate cultures and traditions from a young age, the curiosity of youth offered a path to exploration of his native Middle Eastern heritage in adulthood.

Working from Dubai, London and Stockholm, multi-award winning Dajani is an established fine art photographer whose signature style has gained him international recognition. His work is frequently shown on the world stage; his accolades include the John Kobal Photographic Award (National Portrait Gallery, London) and and First Place, Fine Art Category, International Colour Awards (London/New York).

Drinkers of the Wind

The poetic title of this exhibition is taken from a book by Carl Raswan, published in 1942, about the author’s journey to the Middle East to find the famed Arabian horse. Dajani chose the title as it resonates with the swift horse and the soaring bird and also as it metaphorically reflects his own journey of reconnecting with his heritage.

Tariq Dajani’s intimate yet dramatic portraits celebrate their subjects and simultaneously tell a story of personal reflection and exploration into Arabic culture and heritage. Asil, an Arabic word signifying purity, nobility and authenticity, is a series of portraits of the majestic Arabian horse shot in a studio setting, underlining the muscular beauty of the animal and also revealing its character.

Saqr, the general name for falcon in Arabic, pays homage to the importance of these birds of prey in ancient Arabia. In Dajani’s prints we see the noble falcon, wings outstretched and head proudly tilted, encouraging the viewer to consider a different perspective of this enigmatic and powerful creature.

The exhibition will launch on Tuesday 6th February and Dajani will be attending the opening to sign copies of his book “Asil, Portrait Studies of the Purebred Arabian Horse”.

**Some alternative sizes may be available for images shown below. Please contact the gallery directly to enquire.