Wycliffe Mundopa


At 26, Wycliffe Mundopa is already a veteran painter in the emerging contemporary art scene in Harare. 

He is undoubtedly the most passionate and committed painters of the lives of women and children in Harare’s underprivileged neighbourhoods. His works speak out with passion at anger, cynicism and compassion and most of all with relentless commitment to acknowledge those too often swept under the carpet by society. His work also becomes an opportunity to see how painfully and vibrantly women’s lives reflect the conflicts of tradition and change of life in contemporary life in Zimbabwe, from the clash of moral codes to the economic strain. His depictions seek to encompass the contradictions of good and bad, beautiful and ugly within the urban landscape.

Wycliffe was selected as one of the artists for Tomorrows/Today, a curated section of solo presentations by artists set to be tomorrow’s leading names, will offer the cutting edge of contemporary art at Investec Cape Town Art Fair. Selected by Fair Curator Tumelo Mosaka 2018. 

His exceptional skill as a draftsman brings a masterful ease to his paintings, as well as stencil collages and spray-paint drawing/painting. It has also won him acclaim and popularity with both collectors and critics. This is an artist with major ambitions, exceptional work ethic and a big talent to support a big future.

"I am not sure if I chose painting, I think it chose me. I went to Peter Birch studio on a school trip and I knew from that moment that this and nothing else was my life and I never looked back. I was fifteen. Painting is how I connect with the world. As someone who does not like to express vocally my views of the world I see painting as a way of not only speaking about things that pain me – the lives of people in my country, but also speak on their behalf – to be a witness to their history and a history that many do not want to discuss or know about – to be that visual voice." - Wycliffe Mundopa